How Office Workers Can Benefit from Having a Garden On Site

Just about anyone that grows will tell you that their garden helps them to relax. There’s something peaceful about being around nature and bringing something to life, no matter if it’s tasty salad greens or flowers that brighten up the area. Even weeding can bring out healthy thoughts because you can focus all your anger on the weeds if something or someone has been bothering you. So, why not bring this to the office? There are some great benefits that can come from growing food in the workplac

Best Household Remedies for Insect Bites - Dave's Garden

Nothing spoils a lovely day in your garden paradise more than itching and irritation the morning after. You’ve gotten an insect bite, and as backyard bug bites are want to do, it's probably driving you crazy and got you wondering what can help with the itching. The good news is there are plenty of remedies to help make those bug bites feel better. Even better is that many of these remedies require items you probably already have around your home. Honey is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and

Tax Debt Relief: Real Help or Only a Scam | SOLVABLE

• Not all of the services available to people with tax debt are created equal as some companies are only interested in the check you write them. • When researching tax debt relief services look for red flags that a company may be looking to scam you out of your money. • A real tax debt relief service will offer an honest assessment and documentation on helping you with your tax situation. Imagine the realization that a mistake occurred on your taxes, and you owe the IRS money. You go through y

Do You Need U.S. Tax Court Representation? | SOLVABLE

• While you can represent yourself in Tax Court, it can be beneficial to use a Tax Court representative in this process. • An attorney or other tax professional can represent you if they have been admitted to practice with the Tax Court. • Your experience with Tax Court often starts by filing a petition to negotiate with the IRS regarding your tax debt. Few situations are as worrisome as dealing with Tax Court. The rules and regulations that make up our tax code are complex, and representing y

Understanding Nontax Federal Debt and Its Implications

• The IRS can reduce the amount of money that comes to you in your income tax return refund check if you have other types of federal debt. • federal debt includes money owed to other governmental agencies for debts such as unemployment overpayments, back child support, or late student loan payments. • The Financial Management Service will send you a letter if your refund check will be garnished to pay toward your outstanding federal debt. For many people, the reward for going through the motio

Handling Tax Debt in Your Divorce | SOLVABLE

• Tax debt is considered part of your marital assets and liabilities during a divorce. • The state you live in will determine how your marital assets and debts are split among the two parties going through the divorce. • You may have to file this current year’s taxes with your future ex if your divorce isn’t finalized before the year is up. The end of a marriage can be a sensitive situation to handle. When a couple separates, they have decisions that have to be made, such as custody of childre

Credit Cards and Tax Forms: Understanding Deductions and Taxation | SOLVABLE

When you think about your credit cards, you probably don’t think about taxes. However, there can be some tax implications when it comes to your credit cards. For some of us, the way that we use our credit cards could add to the amount that we’re able to deduct from your tax return. For others, credit cards may increase your yearly income and cause a tax debt. You may not realize this fact until you receive a tax form for your credit card in the mail. There are some interest deductions that you’

Reduce Your Federal Tax Debt With These Actions - | SOLVABLE

Most individuals that file taxes consider how they can go about not owing anything and getting a larger refund. With a little planning, it’s possible. It’s all about being proactive about your finances and tax debt. These may seem like little tricks, but they can make a huge difference when it comes time to pay your tax debt. Who wouldn’t want a larger refund check from the federal government? The good news is that anyone can implement these changes. They don’t require a large salary or a big ch

Beginners Guide: Organic Fertilizers

To some people, the term organic is just hype and buzz to sell overpriced fruits and veggies at the grocery store. The truth is that organic gardening is all about creating the right environment for the plants in your garden. This means a living soil that has all of the nutrients needed to grow a bountiful harvest and promote healthy plants for years to come. Many commercials fertilizers act like a patch for a quick fix whereas organic gardening is looking to find the most natural way to repai